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The charge lasts until the end of combat. Other Runewords include Runeword Placation, which increases health regeneration when you've built up enough Adrenaline; Runeword Rejuvenation, which gives you back a bit of stamina after you kill an enemy; and Runeword Invigoration, which has properties that are best quoted from a CDPR spokesperson : "any type of healing you do when your Vitality is at maximum will be used to increase damage of your next sword attack".

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Runewords and Glyphwords are divided into three tiers and require certain runes or glyphs to create. They are not physical items but enchantments applied directly to swords or pieces of chest armour, and you unlock the more powerful tiers by spending "lots of money" with the enchanter, says the spokesperson. In addition to Runewords and Glyphwords, there's a small mechanical change to the d-pad quick inventory system that allows you to assign two consumables to 'up' and 'down' presses. You hold down either command to cycle between items. Hearts also introduces 10 new Gwent cards, including new leader variants for each faction.

Apparently it's mostly the monster faction focused on. Hearts of Stone improves and deepens with every objective I complete, and I'm confident that several hours later it will be one of the quests I remember the game for. But there's nothing screamingly essential in what I see, or dazzlingly different - just more of the kind of thing that's come before. It's not really what I hoped for from an expansion. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission.

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Order Newest Oldest Best Worst. The Infinity Stone has been under Thanos ' possession, who entrusted the Scepter to Loki of Asgard , along with an armada of Chitauri infantry troops and Leviathans , under the condition that Loki invaded Earth to obtain the Tesseract and plan absolute subjugation under his reign.

After arrival, Loki used the Scepter to defeat a unit of armed S. Loki proceeded to use the Scepter's powers to brainwash S.

Bruce Banner analyzes the Scepter. Loki continued to wield the Scepter to plot the oncoming invasion on Earth, where he used the staff to establish a mental communication to interact with The Other , and used his weapon during several altercations against the Avengers. After held captive and imprisoned on S. During a heated argument between the Avengers and Nick Fury , the Scepter slowly affected their minds, increasing tensions and consequently, turning them against each other until an immediate threat finally put them back to concentration.

Loki use the Scepter attempting to brainwash Tony Stark. Escaping from his prison on the Helicarrier, Loki reclaimed the Scepter, which he later used his weapon to impale Agent Phil Coulson into his heart when Coulson attempted to confront him.

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Loki continued to use the Scepter to fight against the Avengers in New York City after opening a portal for the Chitauri to invade Earth , until he lost it shortly after fighting his brother Thor. Near the end of the battle, Black Widow picked up the Scepter and used it to activate a fail-safe that closed the portal being generated by the Tesseract. By the time of the Battle at the Triskelion , Strucker and his scientists realized that the Scepter's powers were far greater than they originally thought.

Tony Stark studying whats inside the Mind Stone. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner both originally devised the idea for the Ultron Program as an extension of the Iron Legion to operate independently as an A. However, neither Banner nor Stark was capable to create the intelligence level of A. Upon studying the Scepter, Stark and Banner found inside the Gem on the scepter a net of neurons which could be configured into artificial intelligence that could help finish the Ultron Program.

Stone Heart

At first, Banner refused to help, but with a bit of persuasion, he agreed. The two eventually configured a suitable AI structure and left J.

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Ultron revealing the Mind Stone inside the Scepter. The Mind Stone was revealed to be inside Loki 's Scepter by Ultron , who used its power to enthrall Helen Cho , in order to make him a new body with a combination of her expertise using the Cradle and Ultron's supply of vibranium. He later broke the scepter to claim the jewel, so he could use its power to evolve into a perfect body. The Mind Stone gives birth to the Vision. The newly-created android, dubbed Vision , viewed Ultron as a danger to Earth and decided to join the Avengers in fighting him.

Vision using the Mind Stone to attack Ultron.

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During the Battle of Sokovia , Vision used the power of the stone against the overwhelming army of Ultron Sentries , and combined its power with Iron Man and Thor 's to overpower and defeat Ultron , who could not match Vision's strength. With the war won, Vision decided to join the Avengers and use his remarkable power to aid the protection of Earth. Vision talks to Wanda Maximoff about the Mind Stone.

Vision tried to make her comfortable, attempting to cook her a meal, which failed since Vision had never eaten anything before. The two discussed their abilities and how they viewed themselves, with Vision noting he did not fully understand the that gave him his power. Wanda Maximoff using her powers to manipulate the Mind Stone. Barton set off an explosion outside to lure Vision out to investigate while he greeted his friend and explained the situation to her. On their way out, Barton remained confident and noted that although he could not overpower Vision, there was somebody else who could.


It is the sequel to the game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Archived from the original on 22 August Archived from the original on 17 December Humans, elves, dwarves, monsters and other creatures co-exist on the Continent, but non-humans are often persecuted for their differences. Hearts also introduces 10 new Gwent cards, including new leader variants for each faction. Find out more.

Much to Vision's horror, Maximoff then used her own powers to control the Stone and forced Vision to phase, making him free Hawkeye. Despite Vision trying to reason with her, Maximoff used her powers to slam Vision through the facility and deep underground, allowing Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch to then escape. Vision using the Mind Stone towards Captain America and his allies. Vision was the last of the Avengers to arrive at the airport on Iron Man 's side as the teams clashed; when he arrived, Vision created a warning line by firing a beam from the Stone on his forehead in front of Captain America 's team.

He tried to talk and reason with Rogers to convince him to surrender, noting while Rogers believed he was doing the right thing by going against the Sokovia Accords , he should surrender.

Chapter 1 - Staffing

Vision attempts to stop Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Vision , seeing Captain America and the Winter Soldier try to escape to a Quinjet , became transparent, moving through Giant-Man , and used his Energy Blast from the Stone to bring down a watchtower, trying to cut off their escape.

source link However, he discovered it was kept in the air due to the intervention of Scarlet Witch , who used her powers to stop it falling until War Machine used a sonic blast to subdue her, causing the tower to fall although Rogers and Barnes managed to escape. The Mind Stone's energy heading towards War Machine. War Machine asked for assistance to stop the Falcon , who was shooting at him to try and ensure that both Captain America and the Winter Soldier escaped safely.

Distracted by talking with Maximoff, Vision looked up and unleashed an energy blast aimed at Falcon, but Falcon saw the blast coming and moved out of the way and instead it struck War Machine directly in his armor's Arc Reactor , causing him to plummet to the ground. Corvus Glaive tries to remove the Mind Stone from Vision.

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Glaive tried to steal the Stone from Vision's head, but Maximoff attacked him before he could succeed. Realizing that Thanos is looking for the Mind Stone, the team, along with Bruce Banner and James Rhodes , traveled to Wakanda , where Shuri tried to remove the stone from Vision's head without killing him. However, before she could finish, she was attacked by Corvus Glaive. Vision managed to escape, but Thanos , who got all the other Infinity Stones , came to the battle and tried to get the stone by himself. Vision soon realized that there is no other choice, and asked Maximoff to destroy the stone, knowing that it would kill him.

Thanos removing the Mind Stone from Vision. As Thanos came for Vision, Maximoff realized she didn't have a choice and destroyed the stone, killing Vision in the process. Once he did, Thanos grabbed Vision and tore the stone from his head before placing it on the Infinity Gauntlet , finally completing it. Even after Thor severely wounded him using all of his power and Stormbreaker, Thanos nevertheless managed to use the completed Gauntlet to wipe out half the universe with a snap of his fingers.

A few weeks after the Snap , Thanos destroyed all the Infinity Stones , including the Mind Stone, by using the powers of the stones themselves, in order to eliminate any possibility of reversing the Snap. In , five years after the Snap , Tony Stark devised a method to use the Quantum Realm in order to travel through time safely. In order to reverse the effects of the Snap, the Avengers subsequently initiated a Time Heist , a mission involving traveling to the past in order to reclaim all six Infinity Stones and bring them to the present.

During a brainstorming session to ascertain the location of the stones, Natasha Romanoff informed the team that the Mind, Space and Time Stone were all in New York City in In order to retrieve the Scepter, Rogers, disguised as his past self, asked the agents for the weapon, claiming that the secretary asked him to secure it. Sitwell asked for an explanation, and Rogers lied that there might be an attempt to steal the powerful weapon.

Rumlow refused to give in the Scepter, and Sitwell said that he has to call Nick Fury in order to make sure Rogers is telling the truth. During his way down, Rogers found himself facing his past self, who though he was Loki in disguise trying to steal the Scepter back. After a quick fight, the older Captain America won and got out with the Scepter. After successfully transporting the past versions of the stones to the present, Hulk, wearing a Nano Gauntlet created by Stark, harnessed the power of the six stones to resurrect the lives claimed by Thanos , albeit losing the ability to use his right arm in the process.

Moments after the resurrection, the New Avengers Facility was attacked by the past version of Thanos, who had time-traveled from to Iron Man, Captain America and Thor fought the Mad Titan before they were given assistance by the newly resurrected heroes, sparking the Battle of Earth , which culminated in Iron Man sacrificing his life by using all six stones to kill Thanos and his army.

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